Sunday, January 28, 2018

10 Things that Are Always in My Bag

Hey loves and happy Sunday! Lately I have been changing up my bags more frequently than usual, which is great for me. I normally grab my favorite Ralph Lauren satchel bag and wear it for weeks on end. One of my goal this year was to step up my wardrobe so this is a start in the right direction. Although I’ve been changing my bags I’ve noticed I always transfer the same 10 items from bag to bag. I guess you can say it’s my little survival kit on the go, so I decided to dedicate this post to 10 Things that Are Always in My Bag.

10 Things that Are Always in My Bag

  1. EOS Chapstick- I use chapstick literally every ten minutes and no matter where I go I will always have my EOS Vanilla Bean stick.
  2. Feminine Products- I always keep a few tampons in all of my bags just in case I get a little visit.
  3. Hair Bands- I normally keep at least three in my bag, because one of my friends are bound to need one.
  4. Hand Sanitizer- I like to think of myself as a pretty clean person, I know you can’t wash your hands 24/7 so I keep hand sanitizer in my bag for those times I can’t get to a sink. 
  5. Compact Mirror- I mean who doesn’t like to admire themselves every once in a while.
  6. Hand Lotion- Right now I’m obsessing over the Cocoshea Coconut hand lotion from Bath & Body Works. It smells yummy and leaves my hands so soft.
  7. Gum- You never know who you’re going to run into, so you’ll never catch me slipping on my hygiene. The only gum I buy is Wrigley's 5 Rain Spearmint flavor. When I tell you the flavor lasts for hours, it really does.
  8. Cell Phone- Does that even need an explanation? LOL.
  9. Eyelash Glue- I love my faux mink lashes, but I am human and sometimes I don’t slay them like I should, so I keep the glue in my bag just in case one fly’s off.
  10. Identification and Money- You never know when you’ll get carded and you’ll always need cash.

Featured items in this post are my Prada Tessuto Saffian Dereto Mord and my beautiful handcrafted dress designed by Julie Chambers @juchambers.

Love yas, Tené



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