Sunday, February 25, 2018

Beginner Heels Class and Blu Jam Café

Heyy loves! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to a Beginner Heels class. A heels class is where you dance and learn chorography in stilettos. Well, mine weren’t exactly stilettos, because I’m not the best in heels, but I had some chunky ones on. I went with my friend Jameela, to the Playground LA, located on Melrsose, in sunny Los Angeles.

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Our instructor was the lovely Alexis Beauregard @beaulexx. You may know her from Instagram or many top chorographers YouTube channels. Her resume is filled and booked. Now this wasn’t the first heels class that I’ve gone to, but I really enjoyed her style of teaching. I think since it was a beginner’s class, she was able to watch all of the dancers and she made an effort to critique and advise as much as she could. The class began with a dance warmup, which I missed because I’m ALWAYS late. Immediately after she had us practicing our walking. There were about six styles she taught us, majority were on the seductive side. She explained the importance of being comfortable with a more sensual walk. It takes more effort and grace then a Beyoncé walk LOL. After the walking, we hopped into choreography. We danced to Smartwater by Lyrica Anderson. The song has a very sexy soulful vibe. Which was refreshing and surprisingly comfortable, being that I can be a bit awkward at times. I must admit my wig almost fell off a few times, with all the hair flipping. Next time, I’ll make sure I’m extra secured LOL.
Beyoncé Walk

I couldn’t get to record the choreography, but her next class I attend, I’ll insert the dance we learn that day to this blog.

We ended our afternoon with some yummy Blu Jam Café. It is two stores down from Playground LA. We went in there from something sweet but ended up having a savory lunch. I really wanted the Chilaquiles, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it, vegetarian style, without chicken. I ended up getting Rancheros which was to die for and my friend enjoyed the vegetarian Breakfast Quesadilla. Since we were being little piglets we decided to get a side half order of the Churro French Toast. That was my least favorite out of what we ordered. I didn’t try Jameela’s, but she seemed to enjoy hers as well.

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Churro French Toast

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Vegetarian Breakfast Quesadilla


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